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 Posted: Tue Jul 10th, 2007 09:48 pm
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Thanks, General Joe - I'm headed there now.

Thank you, General Clewell (you haven't objected to your promotion yet); it's coming back to me now.  Westminister, a railroad station poorly defended by an unorganised conglomerate of about 5000 Union Troops considered otherwise unfit for duty, about 8 miles from the Pipe Creek Line, on a line between Pipe Creek and Washington.  I still have to verify this all, but I remember working it out, about two years ago, thinking Lee would understand how suididal it would be to attack at Pipe Creek and would have enough info (lots of Confederate sympathizers in that area) to know where the Union base of supplies was.  Even with his blood up, the beauty of getting between Meade's army, it's supply line, and Washington  - thus Forcing Meade to attack The NVA, hopefully (for the NVA) at a position of Lee's choosing, would be irresistable to Lee - and, I'm guessing, Longstreet would have liked it to.  Heck, maybe they could even take Westminister and use the Union's suppies themselves.

Oh-oh:  My blood is up and I think that I am hijacking the thread....

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