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 Posted: Mon Jan 30th, 2006 09:13 pm
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javal1 wrote: Folks,

I think we all understand that porkbarrel spending is one of the many serious problems in our government today. So I guess my question is - is it OK when it's "our" pork? Some of you may have heard that $1 million was recently obtained in just such a way for a Civil War museum in Richmond. What really disgusted me was that it was pinned onto the National Defense spending bill i.e. the money our guys in Iraq and Afghanistan need.

Please understand that I'm not naive, and I fully understand how government works. So I guess I can't really explain why this particular earmark strikes me as so unseemly, but it does. Would like to hear the opinions of others. Is pork bad unless it's our pork?


When you say "our" pork, what exactly do you mean by "our?" CW buffs or pork for the state you live in?

I would NOT have a problem with the pork if it meant preserving battlefield land. Preserving the land, does two things: Helps keep alive a part of our past and also preserves open space/limits sprawl. (The Feds already set aside money for CW preservation.)

As for this project, it sounds like the money could clearly be better spent. While I would prefer a CW museum over other museums, it's still just a museum. Does Richmond even need another museum? They already have the Museum of the Confederacy, that contains the largest collection of Confederate goods. Not to mention the fact that it is struggling and may have to move, along with the W.H. of the Confederacy because of it being engulfed by a hospital.

Cut the pork.

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