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 Posted: Wed Jul 11th, 2007 04:24 pm
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Lee should have focused on Cemetery Hill and not spread his forces to the south, he still would not have the interior lines but he would not have been so spread out.  Having Culp's Hill even if it wasn't an artillery platform would still have helped him but it wasn't essential so I don't view that as the lost opportunity of the battle it is commonly portrayed as.

As to the Pipe Creek Line, flanking Meade might not have been the right choice, you get in his rear means he's in yours too (sounds bad doesn't it ;-)).  Meade's ability to change supply sources would be easier than it might be for Lee caught between Meade and the Washington garrison.  Meade would have had the political pressure of having to drive Lee out of Pennsylvania and Maryland.  So if I'm Lee, I spread my troops out as he did in ‘62 to allow them to live off the land and create havoc and despair in the North by sacking Harrisburg and moving on Baltimore and Philadelphia.  Basically I would spend my summer vacation in Pennsylvania touring and scaring the locals ;-).    Politically Meade could not just sit there while that was happening.  

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