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 Posted: Fri Jul 13th, 2007 07:40 am
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OK, I'm in Detroit, Michigan right now.

Have laptop, will post. 

Yes, we should address Sickles.  Or at least his leg, since that is all that is left him, for the most part.... I'm sure those of us whom have been following the developments that led to this new thread remember that it started with " the generals reactions to their loss of a leg"....and, I believe,  Sickles carried his pickled lost leg around with him until he died.  And now, it is in a museum.

I have always thought that, if he could keep his ego in check, Sickles had the makings of a fine general.  I think his instincts at G-Burg were good and right.

This adds nothing to the discussion except to keep it going until when you check in tomorrow, General Clewell,

This is a good and provocative subject.

Until tomorrow night...

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