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 Posted: Fri Jul 13th, 2007 09:52 am
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Ole wrote:

Is there any more discussion to be had about that hill? I'm game to learn more if anyone has anything more.

Please do not give up yet.  I swear, I am working to put together the maps that I think will give us a real foundation for further discussion  - I've got some real headway - say, I'll post them Sunday night?  I think we need a 3-D topographical map, and, as I said before, maps of troop positions with details of their conditions (ie, how rested, supplied, commanded, etc).  For the other question ( if That Hill had been taken), need supply lines, roads for flanking positions, possible strategies.  I have a thing about starting with maps.  But, I always want very detailed maps, and tend to draw up my own.

I am working on this and serious about it - just so overwhelmed with the "paying work" that I need to catch up on:  damn bills -  they always get in the way of the things I'd like to be doing - but I have pulled out three maps that I drew up for my own edification 2 years ago; a little more work and I can compile them,  then scan and post them.

With a good facsimile of the real landscape, as it was, at the time, and a time-line, and troop details, we can really get down to business.  I did this for my own enjoyment once, back when I had time to doodle around for fun.  I just need to set aside a few hours where I can really focus.  I don't think I will have that until Saturday or Sunday - so, like I said, I'll post them Sunday night. 

I think we have something here -

I'm actually way ahead of the game on the Union Mills/Pipe Creek possible-flanking-movements thing.  That was a favorite of mine, so I have pulled out 6 hand-drawn maps I made two years ago for possible movements on Baltimore, Harrisburg and/or Philadelphia, and maybe even Washington.  Awfully rough stuff, just for my own fun back when - but, after I do the "That Hill" map ( or maps) I'll get that one going.  Westminister makes it great fun!  Oh, the possibilities!

Let us NOT give up:  I WILL commit myself to the "Hill" map being good and functional by Sunday night, just like when I was a grad student on a deadline - which was every hour for four years. Cringe! Only, this time, REAL gratification!


(Laptops are Sooooo wonderful for travel and sleepless nights....)


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