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 Posted: Fri Jul 13th, 2007 01:18 pm
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Yeah, but Joanie, even 'at that time,' at Gettysburg, some of Lee's men are rounding up free blacks and slaves and sending them back south into captivity. They are also demanding tribute in places like Hanover, Shippensburg and Chambersburg while burning down abolitionist Thaddeus Stephens' Caledonia Iron Works and the Carlisle Barracks, among other things. Oh yes, while we're at it, the Rebs make good on their 'purchases' from the Yankees with worthless vouchers. ("Thanks, Marse Robert. I'll be in Richmond next week to redeem this note for the 300 cattle you just bought from me.") Doesn't sound like a faith-based war strategy to me. And it happens right here, at Gettysburg.

Don't think Jackson would have made much difference, either. Some 21st century observers might see Jackson as a lemon-sucking (he liked all fruits, actually, especially peaches) religious nut who thought one of his arms was longer than the other. Hmm. At Fredericksburg, when asked what to do about the overwhelming numbers of Federals facing his front, Old Jack says 'to kill them, sir. Kill them all.' Did he say that from his pulpit, I wonder?

Note: I think the nature of the war really changes at Fredericksburg. Gentleman Georgie McClellan is gone and roundly defeated Union troops say the order to respect private property 'is all played out," no matter what Burnside wants. The Union ransacks Fredericksburg and the war changes its tone forever — for both sides.

I have no plans to abandon the hill. Discussion of the hill is endless. We can make a mountain out of it, if we want (and I'm afraid we will). Look forward to your maps. You might ought to get them copyrighted, what with being on the net and all.

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