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 Posted: Sat Jul 14th, 2007 04:40 am
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After a relatively innocent start, this thread has really blossomed into something more than I could have imagined. I'm taken by the vitriol heaped upon Sickles by nearly all of us here even though most of us appear to support the Union cause and most of us seem to agree that Sickles' advance to the Peach Orchard subsequently screwed up the Confederates' attack, thus ultimately aiding the Union cause. Yet we despise the man because he's arrogant and unsavory, personality traits which really don't have much to do with his leadership (as it were) in the field that day. I guess I'm having trouble linking personality with performance results on this one. We pull for the Union, Sickles contributes to the final Union victory, costly as it is, and we still hate him in spite of it. Very interesting. By contrast, Grant wasted lives at Cold Harbor and he still ends up as president of the United States a few years later.

I think I'm getting a headache. Retired people shouldn't have to think this hard.

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