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 Posted: Sat Jul 14th, 2007 08:58 am
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Joanie I should also have said that being half Northern my great grandfather .  the Michigan one if he had not been captured by Nathan Bedford Forrest  in Tennessee 1863 would have been in the 19th Michigan on the way to Savannah with Sherman .  So go figure. 

Ole so many books so little time and I am retired so should have more time to read.  It just slips away from me . Now here I am on line at 1 am writing a post and then going to read a while before I fall back to sleep.  I will look for the Sherman book.  I am hoping it is on the shelf at the Drum and if it is as a Docent there I can check the book out and bring it home with me.  I was so excited after talking to Mobile the other night I found the two Farragut books he told me about on the shelf.  New to the library from one of the two collections we received as donations this past year.  The Drum is having the same problem I am .  Running out of shelf space for books.  I was helping make better use of the space last week when I was there.  New bookcases are on the way .

Well back to reading and bed.


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