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 Posted: Sat Jul 14th, 2007 10:35 am
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Ole wrote:

"I will say this: I haven't followed any kind of racing since I had to sell my '50 Olds fastback (with LaSalle 3-speed) to help pay for post high-school eddication. Raw horsepower and the quarter-mile are where it's at! I fall asleep watching people go around in circles. (Although some of my best friends were quarter-mile dirt-track fiends.)"

OK, from here on in I should PM you about this if it is to be further discussed - this is a blatant highjack and we don't need a thread about it.

But, my deepest sympathies.  When I acquired three young step-sons about 16 years ago, I sold a 70's Mustang that I had acquired just to rebuild - a real classic-in-the-making. I had the body done to near perfection, complete with the original stock paint, and was getting the engine in order, when the financial strains called for the car going to a new owner.  I still hurt, especially as my daughter nears 16-years-old and I think that, that steel-bodied car just could have been the safest, coolest ride she could have.

Anyway, when you have a bit of mindless time, check out "Pinks" on The Speed Channel.  For the first time since I sold my baby Mustang, I am thinking about putting a "garage-built" racer together.

Sorry for the big old hijack.....


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