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 Posted: Mon Jul 16th, 2007 05:16 pm
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John Marsalak's Sherman: A Soldier's Passion for Order or something like that is probably the best biography.

Sherman is a very interesting guy and he was very well-written.  I must say his letters and official reports are among the best written and revealing of any other personality of the war.  After reading many of them and having just finished Grant's Memoirs I got his thinking they would be really good, based on his writing style.  What a disappointment!  Not bad, but I think he held back almost like reading Alexander's official memoirs, interesting but not the dirt that is found in the unofficial memoirs.

Some interesting information about Sherman's descendants, his grandaughter married the grandson of Lewis Armistead and his son lies burned in the Jesuit cemetery in Grand Coteau, Louisiana next to the grandnephew of Confederate VP Alexander Stephens.  Both were Jesuit priests and no statement was meant by putting them side by side, it was just a matter of one being the next priest to die after the other one had died.

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