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 Posted: Tue Jul 17th, 2007 07:58 am
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hecks bells , (cleaning it up as you might have children over your shoulder ) of course you were missed.  You posted and then left .  Kept wondering where was Fuller.  Even the pictures you sent  of your family at reenactments kept cycling though my pictures when I had screen saver on .  It goes though all the pictures I have saved. There you were with your mom or the one of you as a little girl at Gettysburg and I would wonder where is Fuller on the board .   So glad you are back.  Now if JDC didn't work such longs hours and would get himself back here all would be right with the world. 


Guess I mother others since I was never a mother or it is the teacher in me coming out .  Oh well it is late and and I tired and I have round table tomorrow and no idea who took home the lecturn last month when I was at muster and I need it for speaker tomorrow night . Also a screen .  Person I think has it hasn't answered email .  Oh well .  I have an old screen I will lug over there  just in case .

 "mother hen" aka Susan

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