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 Posted: Tue Jul 17th, 2007 03:54 pm
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In my line of work I am occasionaly confronted by visitors who indignantly point out that our sign out front is wrong. "It was not a Civil War" I am told and we should fix the sign. I smile and nod noncomittaly. The Park Service has a Visitors' Bill of Rights and a few of those rights are; Visitors have the right to retain and express their own values and to be treated with courtesy and consideration. So with that in mind I never challenge anyone when they say that it was the War of Northern Aggresion and we are located within an occupied country. Now if said person asks me if I agree it should be called anything but the Civil War I have a little story for them. I tell them that I had only one Southern relative that fought in the war; General John Brown Gordon (okay, so maybe I'm stretching it a bit but we are both from the same Clan Gordon of Scotland) who was chosen by General Robert E. Lee to surrender the Army of Northern Virginia in the formal surrender ceremony at Appomatox. After the war General Gordon wrote his memoirs which he titled "Reminiscences of the Civil War". If John B. Gordon called it a Civil War, who am I to argue with him?


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