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 Posted: Wed Jul 18th, 2007 02:34 am
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While I, of course, realize the act of naming a war is more than just a way to identify it, it strikes me as silly that anyone can argue about this! Neo-Confederates want "The War of Northern Aggression" obviously because it fits in with their point of view. "War of the Rebellion" is also fraught with meaning because it's used in a way to point out that rebelling against the federal government and union was an illegal action designed to "save" slavery. I'v always found it funny that Neo-Cons try to point out that calling it a "Civil War" is wrong because of the taking over the government thing. Doesn't any of them own a dictionary? I lump this in with the "Did the South have the right to secede" or "was it rebellion or revolution" questions--they will never be answered to anyone's satisfaction and will promote nothing but discord.

As a side note, I once saw a letter written by Woodrow Wilson where he gave is opinion that the fighting during his presidency should be called "World War I". I've forgotten his complete statement, but he closed with something to the effect that "you'll understand if I don't answer anymore of these freaking stupid questions."


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