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 Posted: Wed Jul 18th, 2007 03:55 am
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This topic has made me wonder many times. We often read about the Post Tramatic Stress Syndrome some of our vets coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan are experiencing. We first heard about this debilitating syndrome after the Vietnam War.

Could the vets of the Civil War have been any different? It seems to me that some of the horrendous sights and events they were part of would have contributed to emotional problems.

Yet I have never read anything specific about emotional suffering after the war or even after a particular battle. I have wondered if PTSS could have led to many of the desertions that happened during the war.

Has anybody read anything about anyone who was so badly impacted by the war that they had difficulty functioning once they returned home? I don't mean they had difficulty because of injuries, although that could cause PTSS too. Just one example...Jesse James. Could his post war anti-social behavior have resulted from the acts he witnessed while being a guerrilla during the war?

Or were people in those times not sufficiently sophisticated to figure out that the horrors of war could seriously and negatively impact someone for life?

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