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 Posted: Wed Jul 18th, 2007 03:59 am
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Excellent thread, and management there-of, General Clewell:  I salute you.

Well, I'm going to be sincere here before I join in the cleaver funnery - It happens sometimes.  Also, I am going to use abbreviations, since everyone here knows what those abbreviations mean, and you wouldn't want me to taunt carpel-tunnel syndrome by typing out the long, space-eating terms, would you?

I have preferred to say "TWBTS", because to me, it sounds stronger and more definitive than "CW". 

"CW", to me, is a generic term, so must be qualifued by "US" in front of it.  "United States Civil War" is, I think, technically correct, but it used to sound so ironic to me: USCW = Disunited states making war on each other  = TWBTS. 

However, as I get older, I see a kind of story in the term "United States Civil War".

Living as far North as I do now, I cannot say "TWBTS" in casual converstation.  The eyes of "The average Joe and Joanne" glaze over at the mention of "The Civil War"  (Oh, No!  High-school history!).  Saying "TWBTS" often brings on looks of confusion...where have they heard that before?  It is So Much "The Civil War" here that even saying "The United States Civil War" can make some people miss a beat.  I once had a very bright twelve-year-old (I mean that!) ask me if that was Vietnam.

I enjoy referring to The USCW as TWBTS at CWi, because boards are the only place I can use that term these days, it's an indulgence. 

However, "CW" is understood in every state in the US these days, whereas I don't think any other reference is.  So, if This Board wishes to go with "CW", I accept that.

As I recall, "Strange and Fascinating Facts of the CW" (I think that is the title; another boxed book), had listed about 50 different names for the CW....




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