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 Posted: Wed Jul 18th, 2007 03:01 pm
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Hey Joanie,

TWBTS — would that be pronounced 'Twibits?' I still think it suggests a war between two or more states — like Vermont versus New Hampshire, and "War Among the States" just plualrizes it, like Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Georgia ganging up on Tennessee, Delaware and Rhode Island. (I think the name for that is 'Congress.')

The United States Civil War is good, though, if a little wordy.

Hey Rob,

I agree. I think all this would be silly, too, if so many people didn't take it so darn seriously. Maybe that's what makes it worth discussing.
I had a question about your sidebar — were they really trying to decide to name it 'World War I" at least 15 years before there was a World War II? Did they see WWII coming? Am I misunderstanding something? Wow. Interesting.

I think Calcav might be on to something. Gordon, Sherman, Lincoln and Lee, to name a few, all called it the Civil War. They lived it, I guess they would know. I tell my red-neck snake friend that Lee called it the Civil War and he offers no response. Then I run.

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