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 Posted: Thu Jul 19th, 2007 02:43 pm
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The west was a definate way to release pressure with limited society restraint and also limited human contact. Many of the "bad men" or "law men" we all recognize from western history some worked both sides of the street would just be criminals today.

My mother knew an ACW vet who was an Andersonville survivor. The reason he stood out in her memory was he did not develop hunger pangs.   He was a farmer and his wife had to send a child to get him at lunch and supper as he did not get hungary.

We know for sure some incidents of shell shock were not well received by leadership. How about Patton's incident of slapping a shell shocked soldier? 

Just a thought. Prior to every major western migration in US history we had a major war. Revolutionary, War of 1812 (settlers moving into Ohio valley), Mexican (upper midwest) , then ACW (far west). I realize there were other factors just a thought.

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