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Cleburne Fan:

I found it, in fact there were several relevant articles, you need to get, Vol 9, #4:



When Metal Meets Mettle
When faced with the hard realities of military life, Civil War soldiers had to find ways in which to adapt, survive, and persevere.
--Stephen Berry

Johnny Reb, Billy Yank, and Betty Sue
In between the patriotic parades and grueling marches, the horrors of battle and the tedium of delay, Civil War soldiers' thoughts often turned to love and lust.
--Thomas P. Lowry

“Like a Handle on a Jug”
An examination of how and why the bond between the rank-and-file of the Union army and their commander-in-chief, Abraham Lincoln, grew stronger as the war progressed.
--Chandra Miller Manning

Refusing to Fight
Not all Union and Confederate soldiers gave fully of themselves on the battlefield. The breakdown of combat morale could take many forms, some of them subtle, some blatant.
--Earl J. Hess

“His Eyes Indicated Wildness and Fear”
The sights and sounds of combat left a lasting psychological impression on many Union veterans, who suffered from what would be viewed today as post-traumatic stress disorder.
--Eric T. Dean Jr.

Battlelines & Headlines
What did Northern and Southern whites expect of black military recruits? What motivated blacks to enlist? How were the battlefield accomplishments of black soldiers discussed publicly? An inquiry into the press' handling of the “negro soldier” question opens a door for finding answers.
--Andrew S. Coopersmith


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