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 Posted: Fri Jul 20th, 2007 02:03 am
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In going over the maps, I have begun wondering about this:

Pettigrew, on June 30th, had warned Heth that there might be a considerable Yankee force in G-Burg.  Hill and Heth decided that such would not be the case, and Heth could take his division into town.  Still, it seems that reasonable caution should have been taken.

Yet, Heth put his weakest brigades in front:  Archer's had been reduced to 1000 men, and Davis had never seen battle before.

Pettigrew's fresh 2550 men and Brockenbaugh's veteran Virginians were kept in reserve.

I don't know WHAT the rationale for this was.  Perhaps the battle would have been quite different if Pettigrew and Brockenbaugh had led the way.

Whose responsibility was it, ultimately, to determine that order:  Heth's or A.P. Hill's?



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