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 Posted: Sat Feb 4th, 2006 09:36 pm
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That is my point. Memorization was important to us who graduated from HS 30 years ago. Now if it can be looked up or obtained by a different process faster then why bother to memorize it. I'm not saying I agree with that thought process, I'm just saying with the change in focus on education there is a lot more different things the kids have to know today and unfortunately the memorized information is taking a back seat. Teachers passing the AST test? I'm not sure what the test is but I would not ask a teacher to take a general knowlege test based on what a student needs to know today. What I mean is, a kindergarten teacher better know how to do basic math and know something about shapes and things like that but I'm sure their higher math levels would be a bit rusty. The same with a High school english teacher. They better know much about literature, vocabulary and word usage but to know the workings of economics or even the periods of music history? That is not in their realm. Speaking for myself, I am a music teacher and have been one for 20 years. I know music very well. I know algebra, geometry and some trig. I know History pretty well because that is my special interest. Science..not so well. English..I never did well with that! Taking a general knowlege test just would not be fair not because of the lack of knowing, I may have learned about some of that 35 years ago, but because I just don't use that information in my teaching. I'll get off my soap box now!

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