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 Posted: Sun Jul 22nd, 2007 12:47 am
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I wasn't satisfied with the books that I picked up earlier this week, so went back to The MSU library, and picked up some more.

Right now, for this topic (and in general) I am very taken with The Stand of The U.S. Army at Gettysburg by Jeffery C. Hall.

Chapter 2 is entitled, "July 1:  The Union Suffers a Setback but Gains a Great Position".   Close to 50% of this 37-page analysis is made up of 29 high-quality maps, going over the day's movements in detail.  There are also weather details.  And some very thought-provoking "facts", which seem to be well backed-up. 

I have, somewhat superficially and quickly, correlated these facts with the descriptions in Shelby Foote's volume II, and things seem in order.  (I always like to go "back to the Basics", like to Foote or McPherson, to see how accounts stand in comparison: if an author is from the South, I compare to McPherson; if from the North, I compare to Foote, just helps me try to be un-biased.)  I will have to look things over more carefully tomorrow.

But I recommend picking up this book at the local library or whatever, for those interested in this thread. 

I think that, combining this book and Shelby Fooote's Voume II, I can draw a conclusion that is in line with General Clewell and his author (of Ewell's biograpy, Phanz, if I recall correctly).

Until tomorrow evening,



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