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 Posted: Thu Jul 26th, 2007 11:03 pm
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This is going around on all the CW blogs. Below are my results - hit the link at the bottom to get yours....

You scored as U.S. Grant, One of the most misunderstood figures of the war, your campaign at Vicksburg was a work of military genius, but future generations will come to view you as a butcher who won by weight of numbers. Sorry ’bout that.

U.S. Grant 95%

General James Longstreet 75%

William T. Sherman 75%

Robert E. Lee 70%

General Jeb Stuart 55%

General Phillip Sheridan 55%

General Nathan Bedford Forrest 50%

General George McClellan 40%

General Ambrose Burnside 30%

Stonewall Jackson 30%

Which American Civil War General are you?

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