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 Posted: Sun Jul 29th, 2007 01:13 am
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Interesting stuff - it's fun to see how the rest of you come out.  I like to guess and then read your results!  KEEP 'em coming, the rest of you CWi members (Pretty Please?)

for me, it was:

90%:  Grant  (Good Lord, I think I need a drink, anyone got any whiskey?  :shock::D)

80%:  Sherman, Burnside, and Longstreet.  (HUH??? That makes no sense all! This  Quiz is hell!

75%:  Forrest and Lee.  (A bit contradisctory, but at least I'm regaining some self-respect here...)

55%: Stuart

45%: Stonewall and McClellan (:? huh?)

5% Sheridan (Thank God I'm not much like that ******!)

And here I always thought that I was AP Hill.

Well, the good news is that if I added the numbers correctly in my head, I'm 650% General, only about 125% of which is seriously inept.

I'm probably, like 5000% private.  Private JoanieReb, that's me!

(Excuse me for a bit, please;  I have to go find a "Which NASCAR driver are you quiz....)

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