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 Posted: Sun Jul 29th, 2007 08:36 am
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It takes time to deploy a full division into the field, correct me if I'm wrong in this, but didn't Heth complicate things by feeding his division in more or less piece by piece even after acertaining that it was a substantial enemy force to his front? Or am I mistaken and it was simply bringing men down the road, and moving from a marching column to lines of battle and Heth could not hurry things along? Conventional wisdom would seem to hold that a "heavy" division like Heth's ,fully deployed and attacking in unison, would negate the advantage of the Sharpes carbine-his command would simply overlap Buford on both flanks and force them to retire or be crushed.

I have to say I have not commited the amount of time and reverence to the battle of Gettysburg as other civil war nuts have. To my mind, Antietam was the more signifigant battle. So perhaps someone who has studied the battle to a greater extent than I have can answer this question for me?

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