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 Posted: Mon Jul 30th, 2007 06:13 am
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90 percent Nathan Bedford Forrest (really guys, I always thought of myself as a fairly likeable person...really...oh well, at least I ain't incompotent and will probably win most of the fights I get into (I catch shoplifters at my job, so this is good news). Maybe I will call my boss a coward, and tell him if I thought he was any part of a man I would slap his face and force him to resent it. You think If I explained I can't help myself, I am 90 percent NBF, he would let me off?)

80 percent William T. Sherman (going to 8:00 classes is all hell, after all...what, that professor just gave me a C-? Set fire to his house and all his neighbors houses!)

Other notables include-75 percent Robert E. Lee, 65 percent Stonewall, 60 percent Grant, and 55 percent Longstreet....

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