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 Posted: Wed Aug 1st, 2007 01:16 am
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David, you are so right. I did what you said. I allowed my Civil War studies to jump up and salute when I realized that police detective Dave Robicheaux was seeing visions of John Bell Hood and his Texan troops. I couldn't just read the novel "straight" as one who enjoys Burke's books.

No, Hood does not tour the Tabasco works. :D Nor does he take any of New Orleans' ghost tours.:D  Wouldn't that be cool!

I loved the idea of seeing visions of any Confederates at all, but grew suspicious about references to silk spy balloons in Louisiana, etc. I certainly couldn't imagine a general with one bad arm and only leg would ascend in one to do Signal Corps work.

Maybe I am envious. I'd be tickled pink to see Union or Confederate troops in the mists.

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