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 Posted: Fri Aug 3rd, 2007 05:53 pm
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Ok I'll take the bait.

Antietam although a USA victory was hollow as it was not followed with a pursuit of the physically exhausted CSA troops. (Many USA units were minimally committed or had not actually seen battle. None of them had marched over 20 miles and then been committed) Antietam did allow the Lincoln administration an opportunity to issue the EP and due to his inaction to cashier McClellan. It also set in motion the political and military actions that led to Fredricksburg,  first seige of Vicksburg, and Stones River. All these actions were after much proding from Washington.

Gettysburg was unquestionably a USA victory. Both armies had marched hard and fought hard. The manpower losses of the CSA could not be replaced. Other than the fodder obtained in Pa (which was used up in the retreat) and what food the troops were able to consume or carry there were no substancial spoils (as in past northern incursions).  The stage was set for Grant to come on board and use the manpower and resourses of the north to bulldoze the CSA into submission.

Without Antietam we would not have had issuance of the EP, and removal of McClellan.

Without Gettysburg We do not have a decisive victory with crushing loss of troops and material that can not be replaced leading to surrender. 

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