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 Posted: Tue Aug 7th, 2007 12:58 am
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Pvt. -

It's a shame you posted this intriguing question at a time we're experiencing one of our worst "dead periods" as far as board postings are concerned. I know you did it to liven the place up, and I don't really know what the problem is - other than the oppresive heat in much of the country :X

But I'll tell you this... I've studied the war for over 3 decades, and have yet to find anyone who agrees with my pick as "most important" battle. I came to the conclusion many years ago that in the overall scheme of things, Fort Donelson desrves that title. You can wait to reply till you stop laughing ;) 

Gettysburg gets the accolades for a few reasons, none (IMO) having to do with the actual importance of the battle itself. First, the GB Address, which just as easily could have been the Antietam Address or the Vicksburg Address. Second, it gave the north a Civil War tourist attraction. Three and Four are related to Two: GB is where the $$$ is today. That's the only reason it makes the CWPT endangered list every year. Lastly, because of the ease of visiting from cities like NY and Philly, lots of folks cut their Civil War teeth there. If Shiloh was the first field they visited, they would probably think it was the most important!

Just my two cents....

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