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 Posted: Wed Aug 8th, 2007 09:32 pm
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Wow, HankC,

There it is. I can't argue with your reasoning, which seems logical and well thought out to me. How could Shelby Foote, et al, have missed all of that? :D Champion Hill my foot. The course of Civil War scholarship is forever changed. And it happened right here on Joe's discussion board.

You need to get up with Cleburne Fan as soon as possible and get this stuff in writing. At least let me supply the title: 'Brown's Ferry, the Real Gettysburg.' Can't miss.

And, of course, the next Civil War Institute I attend will undoubtedly be held at Brown's Ferry.

Good job. :cool:

By the way, we have a small coffee shop here in town that's infinitely better than Starbucks where I can get a coffee for $1.34.

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