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 Posted: Wed Feb 8th, 2006 04:19 am
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A park ranger who is posted to a park that holds a National Treasure like a battlefield or an historic structure plays a very important part in helping to conserve, preserve and interpret that National Treasure. I should know. I work at a state park in Florida that holds a National Treasure. We take our job very seriously so that all may enjoy what we are tasked with to conserve, preserve, and interpret. But, we perform other tasks at our parks which are just as important--like keeping it clean and general maintenance. Any cuts to operational budgets certainly are not welcome. For way too long we have been asked to do more with less. It's a difficult balancing act, but somehow we manage without sacrificing visitor services, maintenance or interpretation.

All park systems--state and national are suffering. Unfortunately, our budgets are looked at first when some politician wants to employ the "guns vs butter" argument. Our budgets appear to the easiest to cut--the rational is that people don't go to parks, making them (parks) an easy target. Thank goodness there are many people and organizations out there to argue our case. And, thank goodness for Teddy Roosevelt, who had the foresight to establish the National Park System.

This is a budget proposal. Park-friendly lobby groups won't allow that parks budget to become a reality.

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