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 Posted: Wed Aug 15th, 2007 12:12 am
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   The situation at Gettysburg cannot be called a raid on Gettysburg, because it was not Lee's objective. If it had been a specific target that Lee planned to destroy and then withdraw, then it would fit the definition. An example from US history was when the British burned WDC in 1814 and then withdrew.

   Gettysburg began as a meeting engagement. That happens when a moving force, incompletely deployed for battle, engages a moving (or static) enemy about which it has little or no intelligence.

   In such a situation, the commander of the advancing forces must choose one of three main options: (or in some cases a combination of them).

1) Attack directly from march formation as advancing units become available. (This is what happened in the beginning.)

2) Recon the enemy and maintain contact until other units can be committed in a coordinated effort.

3) Break contact and/or bypass the enemy force.

   When the situation was developed at Gettysburg, it ceased to be a meeting engagement.

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