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 Posted: Wed Aug 15th, 2007 01:46 am
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This is for KO

I think the Union command structure is sorely lacking at Antietam. At the corps level were Joe Hooker (1st Corps),
Edwin Sumner (2nd Corps)
Fitz John Porter (5th Corps)
Wm. Franklin (6th Corps)
Ambrose Burnside (9th Corps)
Alpheus Williams (12th Corps, after Mansfield is killed)

Most of those guys are gone before the year is out and it's already September. Burnside and Hooker each eventually took a turn as AofP commander — so judge them for yourself.

I will say leadership at division level is decent, at best, but if Special Order 191 falls into my lap and the best I can do with that knowledge is earn a draw with twice as many man as Lee, the first place I look for performance issues is my commanders.

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