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 Posted: Fri Aug 17th, 2007 02:00 am
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And a good two cents it is.

All I'm saying about Antietam is look at the results. In war, results are what matters. The Union had twice as many men, it had Lee's plans, and it still couldn't produce a victory. In my mind, it all reflects on leadership. The real stars in the Union flag were still at division or even brigade level at Antietam. They would ascend soon enough.

Although it may look like I'm taking my marbles (or losing them) and going home, I'm not really. But I've spent the past month on this board climbing hills, promoting Gettysburg and even defending Sickles, for God's sake. I pretty much ran out my spool of arguments on this thread. I've googled this and researched that more than I ever imagined and I'm whipped. I PM'd a friend on this board and told him I pretty much felt like I've been writing a term paper, so I just need a little mindless break right now. Call it a tactical retreat.

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