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 Posted: Thu Feb 9th, 2006 03:34 pm
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I don't see it as a guns or butter choice, all of it needs to be cut to maintain a healthy economy.  Government has never been able to spend and tax the country into prosperity.

However, regardless of how we got in Iraq,  right or wrong (and we could debate that all day long), we now have to do what it takes to win and despite what the press tries to imply, we are winning.  The only question will be, is it a short term victory or a long term one (and I will admit without the long term victory it probably wasn't worth it and will be a strategic loss, however based on history and intelligence, I don't think the president had a choice other than to take Saddam out)?  Other than having to fund a war, I see no parallels to LBJ, especially in how the war is being conducted. 

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