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 Posted: Wed Aug 29th, 2007 02:23 am
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Will just add this to the conversation.  I recently read a book that came out 15 years ago, and one of the endorsements was from a well known and highly regarded CW historian.  I read what he had to say, and it struck me as that sounded like a comment the same individual made on a more recent CW book.  Sure enough, I wandered through the library here and found the more recent book, and the endorsement was the same...word for word.

Guess the point I am making is ignore the endorsements and just read the book and come to your own conclusions.  BTW, I'll never be asked to endorse a book, as the most I would probably say is "Well, it didn't suck!"  :)

Hope all are well.

Regards from the Garden State,

Steve Basic

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