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 Posted: Thu Aug 30th, 2007 01:47 am
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Thanks for your insight. I honestly had no concept about the book endorsement process.

Here's where I beg to differ — there's something cynical and doesn't sit quite right with me about endorsing a book to keep a friend or to be used as a sales gimmick. If it's truly a gimmick, then it cheapens everything. At least it does for me.

I suppose it's because an author or scholar has already developed a proven reputation is why he might be asked to provide an endorsement in the first place. Clearly, reputations aren't built on endorsements, but when your name appears on something in the public domain, your name is certainly open to scrutiny, even if it's in the form of an endorsement blurb. I suspect these folks think hard about lending their name before endorsing a book. I hope so.

Who questions a man's opinion? Well, it's a primary reason why I read the endorsements in the first place. It's therefore a reason why I might or might not buy the book. If the endorsement is to promote a friend or to be used cynically as a sales gimmick, then shame on them for thinking so low of me as a potential reader, and shame on me for falling for that trick.
I was in journalism for 30 years, had my byline on thousands of stories and columns over the years before I retired, and value the worth of the reputation I developed in this community over the years. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't jeopardize that reputation, even now, for something I didn't believe in or agree with.

By the way, I thought your review of 'Manhunt' was well conceived, well written and well executed. I probably won't buy the book. Steers is good enough for me.

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