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 Posted: Thu Aug 30th, 2007 02:22 am
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James McPherson is a very nice man. He's a fairly regular attendee and speaker at the annual Civil War Institute in Gettysburg.

McPherson doesn't know me from Adam, but I've been on several of his tours and have had several of his books autographed by him. He's always been courteous and gracious with his time and answered any question I might have had. I'm always excited when I see his name on the program.

In McPherson's excellent book, 'Drawn with the Sword,' (which I'm sure you've read), the final chapter, 'What's the Matter with History?,' McPherson uses himself as an example in a treatise on popular and academic audiences of history. He notes that after BCOF came out, he received 521 letters from readers between 1988 and 1995. I can't help but think yours was one of them.

I've got five of McPherson's books, and the only one that disappointed me was 'Hallowed Ground,' written is 2003 and published by Crown Journeys, not Oxford (unless CJ is a subsidiary of Oxford, don't know). It's really just a travel piece, a review of the battle of Gettysburg with few insights. My hardback copy is about the size of a standard paperback and is only 140 pages. Not even sure why he wrote it except it's apparently a part of a travelogue series.

By the way, there were no endorsements on the back cover.

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