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 Posted: Fri Feb 10th, 2006 06:28 pm
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Good one!!  Was it on this site or did I read it somewhere else that at Monticello the price of admission is such that the change is 2.00 dollars.  So they give you change in 2 dollar bills.  I seem to remember when I was there getting a 2 dollar bill at the ticket booth. 

Hmm next time guess we should pay with a Sacagawea gold dollar and a Susan B.Anthony dollar. That should really throw them off.


As to Philly Cheese Steaks ---- Only place to get them is Pats.  A friend took me there the first time and taught me how to order so I didn't get yelled at.  Order sandwich first window, fries and coke second window.  Order sandwich  steak with .  This is always a stop on the tour when visiting Philly . 

On the other hand anyone ever experienced the Varsity in Atlanta? 

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