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 Posted: Fri Feb 10th, 2006 07:40 pm
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A few years back, the University of Connecticut did a survey of college seniors at 55 of the country's top colleges which they dubbed the "Elite College History Survey".  65% who took this high school history test flunked it.

Here's what they offered.  Try it out and judge for yourself.

As for Pat's cheesesteaks, there is no better food in the world.  There's a sign right next to the window, as stated earlier, on how to order so that you don't look like a fool.  I can feel my arteries hardening now just thinking about all that top-notch grease.  In our youths, our veins ran with ice cold Ballantine Beer.  Hope these links work.

Atlanta - never went to the Varsity but I had heard about it.  Did go to Dantes Down the Hatch and had some great fondue and grog.

Oh yeah, Texas barbeque is top-notch too!



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