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 Posted: Mon Sep 10th, 2007 02:50 am
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The current location of the MOC is dismal.  It is completely cut off by the hospital, for those readers who have never been there.  Over the past few years it has not only been battling construction of new hospical buildings on just about every side, but also related (or not related for that matter) street repairs that have totally disrupted traffic to the entire area.  Several folks around here have stated it is sometimes very hard to find access to the medical buildings, let alone the museum.  Add to that the fact that even some locals do not realize that you can part in the hospital lot and have your parking validated by the museum, and it adds to an environment that actively discourages visitation.  With that the PC climate is simply icing on the cake.

My own personal experience would probably parrallel that of a great many out of town visitors.  I went last year to visit the naval exhibit.  First I had to navigate Richmond's one way streets, then the maze of street construction NOT related to the hospital (one road was closed with absolutely no prior warning), then the hospital construction, once I got to the parking deck I found that fully one half of the deck was closed for resurfacing and cleaning.  I guess the DO have to do that periodically.  I went all the way through, without finding a single space, and had to explain that to the parking attendant at the end so I wasn't charged for my ride through the deck.  Had I been from out of town, I can assure you that would have been the extent of my visit.  Probably my last one too.  As it was, I work for the local community college, so I parked there and walked about 6 or 7 blocks.  The exibits were worth it, but still....

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