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 Posted: Thu Sep 13th, 2007 01:56 am
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Bama46 wrote: lEARJET,

You might also consider the 1858 Remington. Those were also copied by the confederate government using Much more brass than the original. Replicas are available in either Confederate configuration (Brass frame0 or Union (Steel). Tho my sympathies lie with the Confederate version,(I believe it is one of the most beautiful handguns ever produced)mine is the steel version. I bought the "Yankee" gun because I shoot it a lot and steel tends to be stronger than brass which can strech a bit under pressure of shooting.

Bama, I am unaware of a CS effort to copy the Remington, are you possibly referring to the Spiller & Burr which was actually a copy of the Whitney Navy.  IIRC there was something like 2000 made between 62-65.  Their finish left a lot to be desired but I'm unaware of any complaints to their quality.

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