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 Posted: Sat Sep 15th, 2007 03:51 pm
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Cozzens assorted works are well done... if a bit short on maps.

Edwards work on CW arms is priceless if dated... still a lot of info and way ahead of its time.

Pretty much anything written by Glatthaar is not only a good read but well researched and imortant IMHO.

Paddy Griffith wrote two books on CW tactics that are priceless in understanding the way battles were really fought.

Anything by Robert Reilly is guaranteed to pretty much be the end all be all of firearms data.

I'm a huge fan of Sword, some say his works have a pro Southern slant... can't say I've really seen it though. IMO his works on Shiloh & Chattanooga are priceless.

Anything by Don Troiani is priceless in the visual reference it can provide. His research is as good as it gets.

The various works by Trudeau are both important and give well deserved attention to often overlooked subjects.

The work of Wiley is both visionary and priceless if a bit dated.

The various Echoes of Glory series is priceless for a visual reference to what the men carried.

Steven Woodworth wrote his seminal work on the Army of the Tennessee and frankly I look forward to anything else he writes.

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