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 Posted: Sat Sep 15th, 2007 04:33 pm
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And there you have it, Doc C. All over the map. When you've read 20 books on Gettysburg, then you get to decide which is the best.

If you run out and buy each book suggested, you will have an enjoyable, reliable library. But there will always be "that book" that offers a revisionist alternative on a small but vital part. Of course, everyone is talking about it and you must have it.

It is somewhere near this point that the "significant other" starts rolling eyes and sighing. When you can't wait for the kid to get married so you can commandeer the room. Then come the snide remarks. "How many books do you need?" Or, "Why not wait until you've read all the bm!$#@@%7;i38=6t books you already have?"

It's not easy being a CW fan.


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