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 Posted: Sat Sep 15th, 2007 11:56 pm
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I've read the majority of major histories on Gettysburg and would agree that Pfanz's books are up there with the best or the best on the best. Have a great, understanding soul mate. Tolerates my civil war, geneology and golf obsessions. If the day ever comes where my book purchase total ever matches her spending totals, I could easily either open up my own store or branch of the library. Was in the Alexandria/Arlington/DC area today, found Bartleby's Books at the corner of M St./29th (a real b----h to get to because you have to deal with the Georgetown area traffic/no real close metro stop/good luck finding a parking space) but I thought it was well worth it - some rare first edition regimental histories, etc. Did buy Tom Broadfoot's - Civil War Books and Richard Taylor's - Destruction & Reconstruction which looked interesting. Also, stopped by Arlington National Cemetery to find an ancestors gravesite and see the Lee mansion without its furniture. Always unexpectantly find famous gravesites on my visits, this time Gibbons and Chenault (Flying Tigers leader).

Doc C

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