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 Posted: Tue Sep 18th, 2007 03:32 pm
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When I think Aggie fans are too impatient the TD Jesus crowd brings me back to reality.  According to my ND buddy, Weis is on the hot seat yet he has a sophomore and under line.  Willingham left the cupboard bare in the line.  Yet everyone wants Weis fired for not winning with underclassman.  It truly is a rebuilding time period for them, probably won't be competitive until the year after next.  If they fire Weis they start the vicious cycle all over again and if they don't fire him and just leave him dangling the recruits won't come if they think he will be fired.  You have to pick a horse and ride him for a while.

I'm not sure Franchione is the right guy for us but firing him means starting over for a three or four year period.  Damned if you do and don't.

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