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 Posted: Tue Sep 18th, 2007 04:33 pm
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I have been sick lately and just got to this topic, I know i am a little late but let me throw my 2 cents in the well

PvtClewell wrote:

Having said that, I imagine almost anything with "Confederate" or "Confederacy" attached to it these days is politically incorrect and won't get much support from city government. It certainly is pretty much that way nationally, why would it be any different in Richmond? It's no surprise to me the MofC is in despair. You don't see much pushing of Richmond as the capital of the Confederacy here as a tourist attraction.


Bama46 wrote:

It is clear thaty cannot stay where they are, the citizens of Lexington were afraid of the word "Confederacy", and it is inconceviable to have a museum of confederate artifacts being called anything else.

I am sure that costs and from what i am hearing in your posts the community/hospital building in that area have alot to do with the museum moving. I am also sure that the Museum of the Confed. The name it self scared off the local polititians. It happened here in the state of MO due to political pressure our recent gov. changed the name of the MO Confed. Veterans home to "Civil War Veterans home " which is about 10 miles up the road from me at Higginsville, MO. The site even had to take a Confed flag down that had flown on the present site for ever. Sure the reenactment Community and SOCV screamed long and hard before, during, and after the changes, but the decision stands. The only thing we can do is Vote for new leaders.

Myself I would of liked the MOC to stay in one location, from where i live the chance/time to get to see sites out east are few ( have only been to Gburg once when i was 13) and spreading it around my hurt some folks chances of seeing the whole thing.

man think that was more than 2 cents



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