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 Posted: Tue Sep 18th, 2007 05:35 pm
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If everyone was limited to 2 cents, this would be a dull old world. I get pretty incensed over the rewriting of history that we are experiencing right now. I do not hold with a lot of the policies of the Confederate States of America, but I also know that if you try to interpret an 18th century event thru the filter of 21st century values and morals, you are going to get a skewed view of history. We cannot put our collective heads in the sand and pretend that things did not happen. I can respect the view that the Battleflag represents racism to a lot of folks if they can respect my love of it because it is the flag my ancestors fought, bled and died under. Now, that is about 15 cents worth and I am not done yet!

I too wish the MOC could stay next to the White House, but it just can't. It is literally hemmed in on all sides. There is no parking, street traffic flow is insane, and most casual tourists will not put up with the difficulties of getting there. Die hard buffs like us will....they won't and so attendance is dropping. A way must be found to preserve the artifacts, have themn on display for their educational and emotional value, and in a place or places that will cater to the casual visitor. I continue to believe the proposed plan offers great promise to do all three..... I hope..I hope ..I hope!

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