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 Posted: Thu Feb 16th, 2006 09:13 pm
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David White wrote: :X  GRRRR!!!


Why would someone do that?


Same reason they go into graveyards and desecrate graves by knocking over tombstones. They just dont give a ***********. Though here I wonder if this doesn't have something to do as much with the vandals not careing about the park as another issue happening in the Gettysburg area. It's the type of thing I wouldn't be shocked to learn that kids/adults in their mid to late teens/early twenties would do to graveyards, historic properties, public properties, and private properties if said items were preventing, or causeing opposition to, something they'd like to see go in. Vandalize it, make it so those who actually care about it decide it's a waste of time so they'll stop opposing whatever.

Really shouldn't be saying the same thing would be likely to happen down around Gettysburg as would be likely to happen around here. Different parts of the country. But I can't help wondering if that may be the case. Seems to coincidental to me, though I'm probably looking for a conspiracy where none exsists. Besides, isn't Gettysburg a nattional park or battlefield? Wouldn't that make it harder for such vandalism to close the battlefield in favor of the casino?

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