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 Posted: Wed Sep 19th, 2007 06:21 am
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For the Vicksburg campaign there is no competition: Edwin Bearss's three-volume magnum opus. A worthwhile investment. A complementary book that I have the highest praise for is Ninety Eight Days: A Geographer’s View of the Vicksburg Campaign, by Warren E. Grabau. It is a model for how campaign books should be written.

Edit: Just wanted to add a mention of Joe Harsh's books on the Maryland Campaign, Taken at the Flood and Confederate Tide Rising.

Also, a friendly warning to not concentrate your reading entirely on military matters. Politics played an enormous role in the civil war, at every level you can think of. For example, teach yourself about the Whig Party, and see what affect its fall had on US politics leading up to and during the civil war.

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