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 Posted: Wed Sep 19th, 2007 05:53 pm
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I can sympathize with both views here.  Twenty years ago, when our son was born, we soon decided that we needed another bedroom.  We THOUGHT that all we had to do was get the right contractor and get the proper permits.

It seems that since we lived in a very old house (circa 1802-04), and since the town council had decided that by virtue of age alone it was to be a historic district, we had to appear personally before them to explain precisely what we wanted done.  (Someone obviously could not read.)  When I gave our property dimensions in perches (an archaic form of measurement which was on the deed), they didn't know what a frakking perch was!  (Btw, it is the same measurement as a rod.)

My point is:

If someone is setting an area up as historic, they darn well should know what historic is; to me, there is a vast difference between 'historic' and something that is simply old...... like me.:)



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